From an average college graduate to building million dollar businesses in 3 different industries- my desire is to take my experience and empower others to achieve their dreams. There was nothing in my college days to signify I would have success in business- yet looking back I can see how certain strategies, tactics , and mindset caused me to have a paradigm shift that led to success. My purpose is to help others shorten the learning curve and grow their business and brand while achieving great personal growth.


Dennis Ligon is a successful entrepreneur who has built million dollar businesses in direct sales, retail, and network marketing. After graduating with a degree in science- Dennis found his true love was helping people achieve success through entrepreneurship. He believes his greatest gift is believing in people more than they believe in themselves. He is married to the love of his life Sue.

Together they currently operate a large chain of tanning and spa resorts in Virginia and operate a global network marketing business. They have one son and three daughters. Although success in business has created a wonderful lifestyle and many opportunities, Dennis sees business as something he does. When describing himself its simply- Christian, Husband, and Father. Those are the 3 words that matter most.

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